Sunday, April 12, 2009


There haven't been any entries here for awhile and for that I apologize. I had intended on doing an entry on maple syrup but I was waiting for the correct snow conditions to do this... you may wonder why but that's a surprise. At this point you'll have to wait until next year to find out.

With this possibility postponed I have been hatching a new one. Therefore this article is on Timbits. for those of you who don't know I recently was hired on at Tim Hortons and will soon have the inside perspective on all things Tim Hortons related.. including Timbits. But for now some facts and a lot of silliness:

What are Timbits you may ask? These tasty treats are donut holes and one of the trademark products of Tim Hortons. You can buy them separately or in boxes of 10, 20 or 40. They come in a varity of flavours. (Basically almost every flavour Tim Hortons donuts come in.) A tip for ordering Timbits: Unless you ask otherwise they will usually give you an assorted box of Timbits. If you happen not to like raisins it is crucial you remember to specify "no Dutchies".

Timbits are highly affordable treats and therefore very popular.

Now for some silliness. This idea was inspired by the following Youtube video:

For this part of the entry I enlisted the help of a group of fellow Canadians to come up with a list of possible uses for Timbits (besides eating of course). This is what we came up with (please note I do not endorse all these ideas):

1. "like timmy's timbits?? cause well i know ppl that throw them at hookers."

2. "Tossing them up in the air to eat them? And I'm not talking about a gentle throw here...gotta be at least higher than a 2-storey building. The honey dip ones work best, because they're softest if you miss with your mouth (and not with the rest of your face)...but the chocolate ones have the smallest diameter and are most likely to be caught with no fuss. Of course, they're also the densest, and tend to hurt the back of the throat."

3 & 4. "Hmm...other uses...there's always bribes for students, or stacking them. Any records on timbit-stacking?"

5. "Well, I think that at Christmas, you could use florist wire and make a beeee-uu-tiful and edible Timbits wreath. Start with a wire wreath base and intersperse the Timbits with shiny little plastic globes and ornaments that can be recycled by the recipient. Wire everything in place using fine florist wire and deliver asap. Tacky, but tasteful at the same time...if you get my drift..."

6. "get tooth picks stick in the timbits and make a timbit caterpillar i guess"

7. "What about a Timbits necklace? That would have to sit for a few days, too! Remember making the ones you made out of macaroni when you were little? Timbits would be much tastier, if a tad messier, (get grease spots on your shirt) and would be a good snack for a hike. Except that it would attract'd have all the bears in the forest following you..."

8. "one of my friends just suggested juggling!"

9. "you could make a timbit gun... like a potatoe gun... but smaller? They would make good projectiles...."

10. "They would work well for Katamari Damashi too... rollin rollin rollin."

...and of course more could have go thought of I'm sure but that's a good sampler...

Enjoy some Timbits today!