Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello Eh?

This entry is going to be unlike all the other entries in this blog because in this entry I am going to give a brief introduction to myself and my background and why I decided to start this blog. The rest of the blogs will be about Canada... many different aspects of Canada! The only things about me in other entries will be stories involving me in situations a Canadian often finds themself in and me expressing my opinions on different aspects of Canadian culture. I hope you enjoy.

At this point I would like to offer up a disclaimer. This blog will contain a number of facts about Canada. It will also include my opinions and the opinions of other Canadians I know on different aspects of Canada. Some of these views may be regional and some may be my own from my experiences living in Canada for all 20 years of my life. This disclaimer goes out especially to any Canadian audience this blog may recieve. If my views aren't yours that's ok. You are free to include your own thoughts on anything showcased about Canada... which is everything basically. I just ask you keep you opinions polite. I am also not looking for a debate unless I am showcasing Canadian Politics. Polite comments are welcome. And your opinions are welcome as long as the a phrased politely and not meant as a challenge to me. This blog is NOT about me!

That said, a bit of background information...

I am a 20 year old Canadian girl. I currently live in a small community in the interior of British Columbia, within a 20 minute drive of the American border. I have not lived here my entire life. I spent a lot of time living near (and in) Kelowna, BC both as a small child and an adult. I was born in Red Deer, Alberta and lived there for the first 6 months of my life (excluding the 2 weeks time spent travelling up to Alaska with my parents in their Volkswagon van under the light of the midnight sun). I am an avid traveller. I have visited many places in BC as well as Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and the Yukon and done extensive travelling in all the Western States of the USA. I have also been to Mexico and Japan. My next trip goals (when I have money) will be visiting Australia and then either doing a cross Canada road trip or visiting the UK. I have been in Girl Guides as well as Boy scouts and I am currently a Scout lLeader at the Beaver level. I also am hoping to move to Brandon, Manitoba in the fall to continue my schooling as I am working towards a teaching degree. I take a great interest in Politics as well as Canadian history... especially history involving the First Nations and Metis. I speak French as a second language, although I am sadly out of practice.

My interest in all things Canadian comes from a lot of things. The main one is travelling and meeting travellers/immigrants here in Canada. I also took some anthropology courses and they were fascinating. There are so many different ways of thinking and doing things all around the world! As a Canadian, the Canadian identity is something that has fascinated me. I wanted to create this blog first off to show what a great place our country is by showcasing different towns and cities I have visited and/or lived in. I also want share pieces of Canadian history and culture and give opinions of what it might mean to be Canadian. I hope other Canadians who stop by will be inspired to share some of their ideas of what it means to be Canadian too.

For everyone else I hope you laugh a bit, learn a bit and sit back and enjoy being entertained!


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