Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Canada Day

It had been my intent to write a post about Canada Day on July 1st... because that is Canada Day. Of course being the patriotic Canadian that I am instead I spent the day making and eating pancakes, visiting Tim Horton's, wearing red and white and maple leaves and watching the fireworks in town with my friends.

So what is Canada Day? Originally called Dominion Day, this Canadian Holiday is the celebration of the anniversary of Canada's confederation in 1867.

Canadians celebrate this day mostly in a laid back manner. The main event in most communities is a public pancake breakfast or a giant cake unveiling in a park, often accompanied by games for young families and live music. In some communities there are fireworks in the evening. It is not uncommon to see people wearing red and white and an abundance of Canadian flags. There are Canadian flag hats, Canadian flag capes, Canadian flag tshirts, etc. Some people will paint their faces with red and white or die their hair or even play a frisbee game with a Canadian flag frisbee. Temporary tattoo Canadian flags are a staple and easy found in any dollar store throughout Canada. Despite the odd appearance of celebrators on Canada Day they do not usually do much more than hang out in the park or sit in the local pub with a beer and some friends.


Perhaps the most lively of Canada Day celebrations takes place on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Thousands of Canadians make the pilgrimage to the Parliament buildings in order to listen to music, wear Canada flags and watch fireworks and possibly a performance by the Snowbirds.