Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day Yet Again!

I am proud to say I will be spending this occasion serving the people of Brandon, MB their donuts and coffees from one of the 3 Brandon Tim Horton's locations! By the way if you are feeling festive go to your local Timmies and check out the Canada Day donuts! They have white frosting and red sprinkles shaped like maple leaves!


In honor of Canada Day I will be showcasing the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg, MB!

This is where our coins are made, while the paper bills are made in an Ontario location. The Royal Canadian Mint also holds contracts for making coins for many other countries, including the USA. Due to the secret nature of their process (you wouldn't want tons of counterfeits around) no pictures can be taken of the machinery used in the coin making, however there is a guided tour you can take to watch how coins are made! Other highlights include you being able to hold a bar of solid gold! This is definitely an excellent way to spend Canada Day learning more about our fabulous country!

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